2023 Teacher Entries

  1. Download the 2023 Teacher Awards Teacher Professional Statement, read the enclosed information, and share it with your state nominees
  2.  Ask nominees to complete the form along with the signature of their supervisor (e.g. school principal)
  3. State coordinator signs statement and uploads it to the Teacher Nomination Form
  4. Nominees will be emailed by ASTA and requested to complete a media consent form and provide a headshot
  5. Winners will be announced at CONASTA 2024

2023 Student Entries

  1. Each state has been allocated a set of PINs corresponding to their allotted number of project submissions. 
  2. A valid PIN is required to complete the project submission form.
    • PINs should be allocated to selected projects. Forms can be completed by coordinators, teachers, or parents/caregivers.
    • If an error is noted after submission, a new form can be completed using the same PIN
  3. State coordinators should review submission forms and then complete the State Confirmation Form
    • If multiple submission forms have been completed for a single PIN, the correct form can be selected by viewing project details and noting the “EntryID”
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Confirmation form

You can save and return to this form at any time. Please submit only once all projects confirmed.

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