Project submission 2023
  • State PIN
  • Permissions
  • Student details
    • Project details
    Students selected to represent each state will be allocated a unique 6 digit pin number to validate their submission.

    How to enter

    Selected projects from each state will be provided with a State Submission PIN, confirming their eligibility. State coordinators will be asked to confirm that the projects submitted have been assessed by state judges and meet the standards of academic integrity expected for a national competition.

    The submission form must be completed by an adult (such as a teacher, parent/caregiver, or state competition coordinator) who has secured consent from the participating students, their parents/caregivers, and their school to share the students’ information and showcase the projects on the virtual platform.

    The online virtual fair will feature each project submitted, making it available for both the judges’ assessment and public viewing.

    For each project, the virtual fair will display:

    • Project title
    • Student(s)’ first name and last name initial
    • State being represented, accompanied by a map pinpointing projects at the local government area level
    • A succinct project abstract (100-200 words summarising the main discovery)
    • An illustrative image, such as a royalty-free stock photo related to the project’s theme or a photo of the creation. Please do not include images of students. (Note: The image is for visual enhancement of the fair and is not part of the evaluation.)
    • The primary project document in PDF format
    • Any additional supporting materials (in any file format)


    We require direct upload of all project files. To maintain content integrity and accessibility over time, we cannot accept external links, such as Google file links, which may be subject to loss of access or link breakage.